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On my rp account I said I’m going to on hiatus for a few day. though I don’t go on this blog much but I want to say this.

After my first class of today, my friend/co-worker was texting me. We talked for a while until I notice there were seven minutes before my next class started. So I texted her say “ah, oh shoot. I got to go to class” when I got to type ‘class’ before the second ‘s’ auto-correct pops up with ‘Vlad’ I ALMOST TEXTED HER “ah. Oh shoot. I got to go to Vlad” IT WOULD HAVE BEEN REALLY EMBARRASSED BECAUSE I KNOW NO VLAD BUT WHY IT CAME UP BECAUSE I GO ON TUMBLR ON MY I-PHONE SOMETIMES AND RP!

A few minutes ago, I just thought what would happen if Danny texted someone, maybe this mom or one of this friends before class and the phone auto-correct saying”oh shoot. I got to got to Vlad” instead of “I got to go to class”. He send the text quick before realizing and whoever gets it would next him back like “why do need to see Vlad?” Danny would freak out.


Audio Fidelity Records will reissue Wendy Carlos’ original soundtrack to the 1982 Disney film, Tron, in June.

The original release was pressed onto a single LP and packed over 50 minutes of music, which resulted in a degradation of sound quality. Audio Fidelity’s reissue will be completely re-mastered and spread across 2 translucent blue 180g LPs. Tron will feature liner notes from Michael Fremer, who was the sound supervisor of the original release and is in charge of remastering the reissue.

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